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'All good therapy requires  attention to confidentiality. 
The client needs to feel safe that the content they bring
is treated with the utmost respect and privacy.'

I work with the code of Ethics and Practice required by the association I am accredited with. 

The ‘Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy’ (EFGPCP) 

Promoted by The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Note: all therapist that are accredited with a credible organisation will be required to engage in supervision to ensure 'best practice'.  during this process a therapist may discuss elements of case work.


 What does confidentiality mean with regards to therapy?

  • It means that I will protect your identity and details of subject matter disclosed in therapy, by keeping records in accordance with data protection.
  • I will keep the content of our conversation private unless it contravenes certain areas, which forces me to disclose for the safety or protection of another. Example: if a child is at risk (child protection issue).
  • I will discuss with you the limits of confidentiality during our first appointment. I have a written copy of my practice counselling agreement which I request that clients sign before we embark upon working together. This is to ensure you understand fully the process of therapy and the limits of confidentiality.
  • The agreement is also a way of you understanding the commitment I am making to you while we are working together.