Yoga therapy

Has therapy helped but you need more? Read on...

Research has been very influential in my interest in yoga as a therapeutic option for various conditions: 

anxiety - depression - trauma - loss and a lot more.

This very special ancient practice lends itself perfectly for a deeper healing that clients can take away and practice on a regular basis. Working one to one, I can be specific with regard to what each client might benefit from. 

Combining a talking therapy with somatic work, is honestly a 'super therapy' and one that goes deeper. We are not mind or body - we are both!  But...

If therapy is not for you, then maybe therapeutic yoga is? 

What happens in the mind, is often held and experienced physically. So often the body holds on to life events, loss, trauma, relationship breakdown and more, possibly resulting in agitation, panic attacks, restlessness, tight chest, headaches, aching limbs, stomach complaints and more...

With thousands of hours of counselling under my belt, I am fully aware of how for some, they just cannot  find peace, relaxation or manage their mood, despite working through some difficult issues in the counselling practice.

Thearapeutic yoga can be the icing on the cake - the final answer for ongoing good mental and emotional wellbeing.

NOT a counselling client. Don't let that stop you.

TY (therapeutic yoga) available online.

Prenatal yoga for wellbeing available online.

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Continued professional developement ongoing

Don't let pregnancy stop you finding mental and emotional wellbeing...

Interested in how the body holds onto distress? Check out - The Body Keeps the Score: Bessel Van der Kolk