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Due to Covid

counselling will be delivered by a mixture of telephone, video conferencing and limited face to face appointments

Discreet and Professional

For the majority of us, life ticks along just fine most of the time, but on occasions we hit problems, we lose our way - or life throws us a curved ball. During these periods, when we cannot function or life is one huge challenge - it makes sense to seek support.

I can offer you that support - and assure you of a professional and friendly service. I am known for my pragmatic and sincere manner - absolutely no psychobabble either - and you can be assured of a non-judgmental approach.

I cannot guarantee a 'light bulb' moment ( although they do happen) - but I will try to assist you by making links between all aspects of your story . I will also help you look for solutions and formulate goals.

At no point will I tell you what you should or shouldn't is your life, your journey - but I am here to help you make it a rewarding and happy life.

I am a warm and understanding practitioner renowned for putting my clients at ease

Sometimes the thought of contacting a therapist can be very nerve racking; most people are a little anxious and find it difficult to make the first call or send an email.

Let me assure you there is no need to be anxious, you will receive a very warm and caring response from me, as I know by the time people call - they are often distressed or overwhelmed. This why I do my best to make the first time you contact me, a comfortable experience.

With 24 years experience and having provided over 25.000 counselling hours - you are in safe hands. I am also fully aware of the variety of issues that people face, so I will approach your dilemmas, in a truly non-judgmental, caring and professional manner.

During our first meeting we will explore the situation at your own pace - and I will give you the space and time to explain to me what has caused you make contact - and what you would like to accomplish from counselling. The aim is to help you explore your thoughts and feelings - to make sense of them and examine options you may not have considered, and different ways of coping with and/or resolving issues - for a postive outcome.

I take G.P and psychiatrict referals, but you do not need to be refered - just make contact and we can take it from there.

  • Depression

  • Addiction

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Anxiety

  • Low self esteem

  • Childhood neglect

  • Abuse

  • Trauma

  • Work related stress

  • Bereavement

  • Compulsivity

  • PTSD

  • and more...

I love what I do - and feel a great privilege to be trusted with your most private and intimate information, worries and dilemmas. I never take this for granted.

Counselling offers you a confidential, therapeutic relationship - in a safe environment

Effective short and long term therapy available

Couples - Individuals - organisations

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