Can I bring a friend to my session?

It is not a good idea to include a friend in your therapy for many reasons. However if you are nervous or have another reason why you are finding it difficult, you can bring someone to the practice and they can stay while we get to know each other. After introductions your friend can leave you in my care. There are numerous coffee shops near by where they can relax and rest whilst you complete your appointment.

Is it possible to bring babies or children with me?

I am afraid this is not possible. Most parents become easily distracted by their child and the child or baby can pick up on the emotions of the parent. As we do not want to distress your child or have you unable to focus in your session, I do not permit a child to come into the therapy.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

If you fail to turn up, then you will be asked to pay in full.

*5 days notice is required for cancellation or full fees apply. This ensures the smooth running of the practice and makes sure I operate with little or no wasted appointments. This allows me to see as many clients as possible and keeps the waiting list short.

If I am late can I still have the appointment?

Yes, you will be seen for the remainder of your session. If you know you are running late and I do not have a follow on appointment I will endeavour to accommodate your delay, but I cannot guarantee this, and your appointment may end at the  designated time.

What about holidays?

Clients and therapists can of course take holiday. I will give you notice of my holidays and it will be possible for you to enjoy time on vacation.

If my partner or a family member phones up and asks about my therapy, what will you tell them?

Without your written permission, I would not even acknowledge that you are a client of mine and therefore would maintain complete confidentiality.

*48 hours cancellation notice is required for telephone or video conferencing

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