After much consideration and conducting a risk assessment of my practice rooms

I have decided it is not possible to effectively mitigate risk for myself or my clients

Therefore I have decided not to offer face to face therapy at present

This is how I came to my decision:

I could try and reduce the likelihood of transmission - but I could not guarantee it.

Unfortunatley the length of time spent in a session together, increases the risk to all.

It is almost impossible to sanitise all areas that may be touched, especially areas like soft furnishing, as these are not wipeable.

Reception areas pose a more complicated risk, with many people coming and going.

Although we can ventilate rooms, this does present a problem with regards to confidentiality - sound travels easily through open windows and doors - this is also reliant upon the weather being warm enough.

Track and Trace - also raises an area for concern with regard to a practitioner confidentiality policy.

Most importantly, there is also the consideration around our professional insurance as practitioners. Like many areas associated with Covid, it is somewhat unclear. This extends to landlords too, when in rented premises.

I know for some clients, they much prefer counselling to take place face to face, I can fully appreciate that desire. However, I would encourage you to try video conferencing. I have worked in this medium for twelve years now, with overseas clients, and clients living or working away from home. I even work with couples in this way, and it is very successful.

I will, in the near future explore interim measures for in-person appointments: this may incude working from a tempory counselling room with wipabale and minimal furniture - and returning to 'bespoke' appointments with lateral flow testing.

I will keep you updated.

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