CBT-i Therapy for Insomnia

CBT- i

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) is a talking therapy. That is recommended as the first-line treatment of both short and long term insomnia in adults of all ages. 

Often a good choice if you suffer persistent sleep problems, or you have found sleeping tablets ineffective or you have become worried about dependency or side effects. 

Unlike sleeping tablets, CBT-i treatment means better sleep is maintaned after CBT-I treatment finishes  - and remains so for the most people.

Does it work?

Yes. Numerous scientific studies have endorsed the effectiveness of CBT-i and approximately 80% of people who have received CBT-i report an improvement in their condition.

The combination of learning about sleep and why we sleep (psycho-education) how our thoughts can affect sleep (cognition) and what behaviours need to change to help facilitate sleep, are combined to give a plan of action known as CBT- i

The 4 part programme will include:

·      Help and guidance to filling in a sleep diary and Interpreting you unique results

·      Learning about sleep 

·     Sleep scheduling. Setting a new bedtime and rising time (based on your sleep diary results)

·      Sleep compression 

·      Strategies for changing your sleep habits ( behavioural)

·      Sleep hygiene

·      Cognitive exercise to help change negative thoughts and other sleep interrupters

and lots more to help you beat insomnia.

The treatment plan is available: online via webcam or face to face if desired. Total cost (online) £400

Long term effects of insomnia : are associated with strokes, diabetes,hypertension, heart attacks an, obesity, depression and anxiety, decreased brain function, memory loss, weakened immune system, lower fertility rates and psychiatric disorders.

Short term : you will feel shattered, de motivated, grumpy, fuzzy headed and increasing desperate for rest. 

When nothing helps and you are exhausted but cannot sleep

learn the skills and behavioural changes that helped other in just four appointments

CBT-i can help in a majority of cases, if the process is followed accurately with an 80% improvement rate.

It sure takes some effort - but it is truly worth it in the end!

It seems more affective and easier to maintain for some people, when the therapy is delivered face to face

F2F fees for the London practice start from  £800