The best way to find the right professional in almost any aspect in life  - is by recommendation. 

 I cannot give you the names, but I can allow you to see a selection of heart felt testimonials. They are genuine and have been readily given by clients that felt the benefit of working with me. 

"I've always been a confident, self-sufficient person but I came to Jan at a point in my life where that confidence had been shattered and I was struggling to rebuild on my own. 

I approached Jan based on the recommendation of a close friend, and it is one of the best decisions I have made.  

I took a specific question into my first session with Jan: Should I leave my husband?  

As a mum of very young children this was a huge decision, and a situation that I had never dreamed of being in.  

"Jan very quickly helped me to identify what I wanted out of a relationship, whether I was able to get that out of my marriage and how I could move forward successfully.  

As part of the process, Jan ended up helping me in many areas of my life, well beyond my initial question. My career, my relationship with my children, my friendships and my general happiness have all been positively impacted seeing  Jan.  I recommend Jan unreservedly to anyone who is struggling to cope, has a major question to answer in their life or simply needs a nudge to get things back on track.  Her professionalism is outstanding, and her memory and attention to detail are second to none. She truly cares about her clients and this shines through in the robust, rational, practical advice and challenge that she provides. 

Thank you, Jan."

Senior executive, business owner and mother of three.


 "I was almost a prisoner in my own body. Plagued by my obsessive compulsive thoughts and constant fears; I was not wanting to go on any longer. I had been in counselling before but it had not stopped me carrying out my daily rituals and sometimes I would have to return to my house to check everything was in order again and again. 

It ruined my marriage and my self esteem was on the floor.


Jan helped me in a way that transformed my life. I was able to tell her the absolute truth about my obsessive habits and thoughts. She put me at ease, never judged or made me feel in the least bit awkward no matter what I told her.

She helped me train my thinking and encouraged me to believe I could make changes. It has changed my life."


Mrs B

"When I met my counsellor... 

she made me feel at ease. Jan, helped me examine my current difficulties and thought processes, enabling a more positive approach in dealing with situations.

She encouraged me to take back some control in my life, which at the time I never thought possible. Although I understand I have quite some way to go in the challenges ahead, Jan has given me many tools to make life bearable and even enjoyable again Many thanks to Jan ...

 I feel I have the confidence back to start to enjoy and embrace my life again and that my children and I will have a good life together".     

 Mother of two small children Cheltenham

‘It was reading a testimonial on Jan’s website that gave me the confidence to contact Jan and to get the help that I so desperately needed. I can honestly say that without the support of Jan and her counselling services I would not be in the happy place that I am in today.

 I went to Jan unable to make sense of my low mood, lack of confidence and poor self-esteem. Jan helped me to realise that I was in a very physically and emotionally abusive relationship, something which I had not been able to see when in the midst of my marriage. With Jan’s guidance I was able to seek support to break free from this relationship, and now feel like a completely different person. My daughter and I now have a happy and bright future ahead of us, and my confidence and belief in myself is better than ever. Thank you Jan!"

Mum and professional Ms L

"If you had said to me six months ago I would seek help by talking to a therapist, I would have laughed at you, I don’t do therapists. Yet I have known for a couple of years that I was becoming increasingly dysfunctional, I could hide this easily and others drank far more than me, so I am ok, right? Pressure was causing me to drink more? Or was the drink making pressure harder to bear?

What to do? who can I check out my worries with? Hard enough to have a chat with myself about it,  The horror thought of a room full of hard drinking strangers, Hi my name is... 

So contacting Jan Slater was at least private and what’s the harm? I am very glad I did. Talking frankly through my own life, analysing how drink played such a big part of it and why was very revealing. It was personal, honest and above all gave me practical solutions. 

Jan’s consultations has changed my life considerably. The obvious benefits of health, looking/ feeling better, less anxious and better relationships. However above all it has gave me more time. So much more time to enjoy life." 

MR D. CEO, husband and father.

"I came to Jan at a really dark time when I was feeling nothing but negative about my life, my existence and indeed I was even questioning any future at all.  I realised I needed help and sought out a local psychotherapist.  What drew me to Jan was her impressive list of credentials, experience and range of expertise.  This is very important to me and perhaps one of the clinchers was seeing she also supervises other therapists so it was clear she was not only suitably qualified but also experienced enough and credible enough to develop other practitioners too.  Seeing that she has established practices locally and in Harley Street also gave me confidence to contact her and arrange an appointment.

When we met, she put me straight at ease and invested a considerable amount of time seeking to understand my challenges.  She was extremely understanding and very easy to open up to.  She asked very pointed questions and was firm with me whenever she needed to be.  I am not quite sure what she did, nor how she did it, but the difference between where I am now and where I was just a few weeks ago is remarkable.  Jan has helped me find my own answers to my own problems and has empowered me and given me the strength to move forward.  I can highly recommend Jan as a supportive, encouraging and understanding therapist who will help you deal with whatever challenge you face. " 

International keynote speaker.

"I just want to thank you for helping me view my life in a different way, I would never be in the position I am now without your help and encouragement and although I am moving on to quite a different life I have never felt happier or more confident, so thank you ".

Miss O

Many thanks to Jan ...

"Who has helped me shift my thinking 100% from very negative thoughts surrounding certain aspects of my life and the people who have been close to me.

This has lifted what feels like a 100 tonne weight from my shoulders and I am almost floating with lightness and much more energy. Jan has given me the outlook and tools to make me much more confident that I can change or accept as needed to ensure I remain in this happier place."

 Miss S.B Gloucestershire

"I have just spent the last few weeks working through some "stuff" with Jan Slater and I wanted to share my experience so that others can also benefit from this amazing woman.

I was a successful business man but I had lost my sense of judgement and nearly lost my family and career.  I'd started drinking and gambling excessively, but would not accept I had a problem and would not listen to my partners concerns.


I started to lie and manipulate to get what I wanted until one day I lost a huge amount of money. I hit rock bottom and could not see a way forward. My partner was given Jan's name and told me to get help or she could not stay with me any longer.

Jan could see I was reluctant and I was not forthcoming to start with; I dismissed a lot of what Jan was saying about my self esteem and blaming others when really I needed to start to take some responsibility. It was tough at first, as I did not want to hear or accept what Jan was saying and could not see what my past had to do with my behaviours, but it really did have!

In the end I reached a point where I could see clearly, I was blaming others and I always needed to get what I wanted and quickly. I worked with Jan to find away to feel good about myself again and slowly I started to be in control. I now feel I have my life and my wife back. Thanks Jan, you never gave up on me."


Media executive London

Working with Autism

"At the start of 2017 the doctor told me I had high functioning Autism.This came as quite a shock for me because I hadn't known this for the last thirty seven years.I didn't know what high functioning Autism was and I felt I had been given this label and I did not understand it.I got very depressed and was in a dark place in my life.

Then I started having counselling with Janet Slater. Janet is a remarkable person.The first time I met her I felt at ease instantly. Her non judgemental approach and professionalism really came across straight away.This last year has been life changing for me and it's all thanks to Jan.

I now understand Autism and I understand myself in a way I didn't before .I am now starting a new chapter in my life which is incredible!

Janet has also given me lots of confidence and raised my self esteem to a whole new level.I am now growing as a person and making lots of new friends. Janet has told me that I can achieve all the things I want to do in  life if I believe in myself enough.Janet is a very inspiring person and I feel very privileged to have worked with one of the top counsellors in the country.I now want to do some volunteering so I can help other people. I would recommend Janet to help anybody who is going through a difficult time in their life." 

Mr G

"Her professionalism is outstanding, and her memory and attention to detail are second to none.  She truly cares about her clients and this shines through .  Thank you, Jan."

I am an adult with (recently diagnosed) Aspergers and secondary mental health problems. Having spent a long time searching for someone in the Cheltenham area with knowledge and training to be able to help with learning how best to deal with Aspergers and its consequences, I can happily and confidently say that Jan is indeed that right person who knows the way to help with specific Aspergers oriented needs. She has helped me a lot, and has a great sense of humour too!   David P  (musician) ’

"I felt isolated and close to panic over a deteriorating relationship and behaviour of a loved one. Jan helped me to see my situation from a different angle and her suggestions of changes to how I communicate gave instant positive results."

A mother living with an adult son with undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome

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